Most of us don’t understand the benefits of a good, professional facial. We usually wait until there is a facialproblem with our skin, or an event coming up where we need to look our best. While this is fine, a lot of skin problems can be avoided and prevented with a good, professional facial. Facials are usually recommended for once a month.

Done properly, regular facials help your skin to grow healthier cells, leading to a better complexion. The outer layer of visible skin (stratum corneum) completely renews itself about every 28 days. That means the old cells are replaced with healthy cells which are encouraged to stay healthy with regular facials and a great skin-care routine.

The facial helps to stay on top of this process and eventually lead to healthier skin and a better complexion. Leaving the dead skin cells on the skin can lead to clogged pours, giving the skin an aged look.

Most skin care products take 6-8 weeks to work on active skin cells. A good facial can help to speed this process up, making the products work faster and more effectively. We have everything you need for an awesome skin-care routine in our Merle Norman Studio where you can try before you buy!

More than just an occasional thing to do, the combination of a great facial and a great skin-care routine can improve the look of your skin and have other amazing results. What is your skin care routine? Give it a boost with a facial from Changez. Click here to book an appointment.