Feeling a little dry?

That’s because we’re coming out of Winter and there is NO BETTER TIME to rejuvenate your face than now with a peel, or two, or three!

Through the end of March,
we are featuring
Pumpkin Peel Facials for $35.
That’s $20 OFF!

Why a peel?

With Merle Norman’s Pumpkin Peel Facials your skin gets

  • Intensive exfoliation with 30% Fruit Acid Complex.
  • Resurfaces and rejuvenates skin.
  • Helps remove dead skin cells.
  • Unclogs pores.
  • Nourishes skin with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Leaves skin radiant, more luminous and younger-looking.
  • Helps skin elasticity.
  • Improves overall skin tone and complexion.

Pumpkin Peel

We invite you to get an appointment to get rid of the dry.  Call 248-288-3434.