From Stephen . . .

I am involved with a networking group that recently started taking on something pretty exciting:

we are bringing the power of our networking
to help local non-profits get the word out about what they do,
and put them in front a business community.

This is where you come in.Network for Non-profit

  1. You are invited to come network with us at one (or all) of our non-profit networking events. We have a number of events coming up, one in just a few weeks for the Ruth Ellis Center.Date and time on that below.
  2. Because you are a part of the Changez Salon community, I’d like to hear about a non-profit that is close to your heart that may qualify for sponsorship from our networking group.

Here’s what you need to know about our first event:

Thursday October 23
5:30 to 8pm
at the Stand Bistro in Birmingham

The non-profit invited is the Ruth Ellis Center

Upcoming events will feature the Eisenhower Dance, and the Christ Child Society.

If you are interested in going as my guest pleaseĀ  click here and let me know.


Changez Salon & Spa Co-Owner