Bossy Cream

Redken says: Get a faster air-dry with effortless texture and a no-product feel in coarse, frizzy hair. Featuring Air-Tex Technology with flexible polymers for control with movement and quick-dry polymers for faster drying time, No Blow Dry Bossy Cream is the air dry styler for you. Perfect if you’re tight on time, taking a break from heat tools, or looking for effortless style!

It also works on hair that is not coarse or frizzy. My hair is curly and I gave up on styling it because it just gets messedup, plus I’m lazy. I’ve never enjoyed the morning routine of dealing with unruly hair. I brought in a  magazine clipping and talked to Kelsey about it and the next thing I knew I was walking out with BEAUTIFUL CURLS and here’s the bonus for me: I woke up this morning and ran a bursh through my hair and it still looks good!