As a Redken Elite Salon, Changez Salon & Spa is all about training. Gary, who is already a Redken Specialist has become a Redken Design Certified stylist and he loves it!

The process involved an intense four days of workshops and classes, including hand’s on work and testing. He described it as a logical and scientific approach to hair.

He is our own AUTHORITY: A person with extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject: an expert.

In his words:

The training was intense. Design Authority is a hair cutting technique designed for and by Redken. I am 100% satisfied with the experience. I am already seeing improvements in what I’m doing and why, and my clients love it! I left the training with renewed energy and self awareness. It changed who I am as a stylist!

Here’s a few samples of his new skills: ¬†Book your appointment NOW !