Think Perm.

Think 20% OFF
Perms and Highlights through February.

Think how do I take care of it?

20 percent offThinking about getting a Perm? What better time than when they’re 20% OFF. Now through the end of February, we’re offering 20% OFF Perms and Highlights. A Perm is an investment in your appearance. To keep it looking great we offer a few suggestions:

  • Wait 24 to 48 hours after your perm to wash it.
    A perm needs time to ‘set.’  Your hair is fragile right after a perm and it needs time to adjust to the chemicals.
  • Permed hair needs shampoo formulated to care for permed hair.
    The ingredients are easier on the permed hair allowing the perm to last longer and keep the hair healthier. We recommend Redken ExtremeRedken Extreme…Fortified with Interlock Protein and fortifying complex, it builds and maintains hair strength and porosity. This hair strengthening shampoo cleanses, strengthens and fortifies weakened areas. Restores and repairs hair while protecting hair’s natural shine.
  • Additionally we recommend the use of Redken CAT an anti-damage protein reconstructing rinse off treatment for distressed hair. Available at Changez.