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Changez Salon & Spa at the Gilda’s Wellness Retreat

Changez.GildasWorkshop1Our esthetician, Lisa Ross, and one of our stylist, Margaret Niehaus, visited Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit on Friday October 25th. Gilda’s Club was hosting a Wellness Retreat at there facilities in Royal Oak, MI. Gilda’s host many events for those in our community living with cancer, surviving it, or just knowing someone in the first two categories. Lisa and Margret did three sessions talking and teaching about skin care and make-up tips with our …

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Q: Can you wash your beard with beer? A: YES

Check out Redken Men's Clean Brew Shampoo for a great way to take care of your beard. It's anti-grit technology eliminates dirt and oil to keep your beard so fresh and so clean. Scrub in, and let it sit for about 5 minute for the best result.       Cool Finish...

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